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About Vedic Maths:
Vedic Maths is an Indian ancient technique of doing arithmetic calculations fast by using simple vedic maths tricks.
Though there is nothing like Vedas, Sri Bharati Krsna Tirthaji maharaj derived 16 main vedic sutras and 14 sub sutras from Vedic Science. 
It is a really great effort which was done by him. He provided us simple one liner tricks to make arithmetic calculations easy. 
Going further we will refer it as Vedic Maths.

Why Vedic Maths:
There are many tools available in market for doing arithmetic calculations fast. We found Vedic maths more suitable for BrainFood Coaching as it is a brain food to students looking at its advantages. 

Vedic maths improves the speed of arithmetic calculations.
It may help in improving the memory as vedic maths tricks have ability of using right and left brain effectively.
It improves the flexibility of the brain to adopt new solutions and tools.
It also improves imagination as it encourages students to think out of box and develops short cuts on their own.
It improves confidence over the mathematical calculations. 
It helps kids in the competitive exams when the speed and accuracy of the problem solving ability is needed.
It helps to remove mathematical phobia.
Learning vedic maths tricks are interesting and applying those tricks creates lot of fun.